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Re: [Sticky] Give us suggestions

Postby Dropshot on Mon May 03, 2010 2:01 pm

Seattle and beyond huh? I think we have done just fine. Remember 2 weeks ago when it was Opto and Deathsave in the finals? DDT and myself again Mahaffey and Keith? Slam tilt losing to Cayle in the finals at Shorties last year? Louie getting 3rd two years ago getting beat out by Cayle and Eden. Opto winning the Showdown. Myself and Deathsave with the opportunity to play at IFPA7? oh that's right I forgot .

Good luck in Seattle, you look at it funny and you tilt, and you've got the heaviest hand I have ever seen. Granted I am also the first to say you are one of the best in town as well! Unfortunately I am going to miss the NW Expo this year, but from experience from last year it doesn't matter what machines you play on before hand. Expect them to play exactly the way they are supposed to play only you cannot touch them. And by cannot touch them I mean you cannot rest your palms/thumbs on the edges or you will tilt with one flip.

If you need a machine I heard there are a few for sale on craigslist!
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Re: [Sticky] Give us suggestions

Postby PatC on Mon May 03, 2010 2:10 pm

I thought that AFM at the Ship was wack too until I had a 2.9b first ball (that after tilting out the first game on it on each ball) then I thought it was great.

I'd probably go 3/5.

After a while, the star-stuff tends to loose value, since it's all so subjective -- the first time I played that AFM I would have given it a 1/5 -- "Too Tilty." I think if Star-ratings were added to PPM, you'd also want comments, too, on each rating -- similar to iTunes. Of course, that said, there is room for a description already, so that might be enough to just add your comments and let folks suss out what they think it all means.

"Whirlpool not always registering" is enough for me to know I'd hate playing that Whirlpool.... or, like at the Ship, I learn I've got to go for other shots and change up my strategy entirely, which, is kinda what's nice of having so many different machines in different shapes around town.
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Re: [Sticky] Give us suggestions

Postby Dropshot on Mon May 03, 2010 2:22 pm

agree with the different conditions makes for a new strategy. Helps learn new things about games and maybe even find a better strategy.

Back to NW, sorry ROM, I think last year my by biggest problem personally was knowledge of games and ball skills.

I still didn't know how to dead flip, now I do every time possible. I didn't know how to post pass, now I do. I can also dig balls out of SDTM on the most sensitive machines which I couldn't last year.

I had never played Flash before, never even heard of it to tell you the truth, nor Embryon. Didn't know Twilight Zone for shit, didn't know Dracula for shit.

Had never played Shrek before, same as Family Guy but when you don't know what mode is what, or really know the game strategy that I do now. Also, I loved AFM, but my strategy now compared to then is completely different.

Theatre of Magic, I learned the left orbital trick at Pinbrawl 3 months earlier and it was the only reason I was able to do anything on that game, hitting the trunk was a recipe for SDTM.

Basically, what I am saying is playing really tough games isn't going to help as much as knowledge on how to adapt on the fly to a new/different strategy based on how the game plays. Just like some of the machines around town.

Go check out the scores from last year, http://www.nwpinballshow.com/tournament.php

Oh, and Flash had lightning flippers and a powerball in it, how are you going to prepare for that?
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Re: [Sticky] Give us suggestions

Postby revtest on Mon May 03, 2010 2:26 pm

Well my Gottliebs could beat up your AFM!
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